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KH Type

KH Type is a type foundry founded by Kurppa Hosk. We offer retail and bespoke typefaces along with other typography-related expertise, like wordmark refinements and art direction.

Typography has always been intrinsically linked to the core of Kurppa Hosk’s work, and with KH Type we aim to celebrate our typographic heritage by making our independently designed typefaces available to license.

Retail typefaces

We have been developing typefaces for brands for more than a decade. We strongly believe in the importance and power of typography and its enduring influence on how a brand is perceived. It’s the brand’s voice. The personality. Apart from developing bespoke solutions for our clients, we have also recently started developing our own original typefaces. We simply felt a need for retail typefaces that are developed to fit our preferences and fulfil our requirements in terms of design, functionality and coverage. Now we are making these typefaces available to license.

We will keep growing our catalogue of typefaces, with a broad range in terms of typographic style. We will release both classic and functional typefaces, but we will also be releasing more experimental typefaces that are directly connected to our heritage of expressive and bold letter design.

For licensing options for our retail typefaces, visit the license page.

Bespoke type projects

A selection of our clients

Bobbi Brown
Clas Ohlson
Kekkilä BVB

Interested in a bespoke font, find out more here.

Kurppa Hosk

Kurppa Hosk, the parent of KH Type, is a brand agency with offices in Stockholm and New York. From our studios we design things and brands across industries, markets, cultures, platforms, channels and technologies.

We strongly believe that magic happens in the interactions between the linear and non-linear, the rational and irrational, realism and intuition. We also believe in meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Among our clients are Scania, Sandvik, H&M, Esteé Lauder, Securitas, Pinterest, Dustin and Intrum. We use strategy, brand design and experience design to transform brands and organisations. We do this through Business Artistry – an approach that combines commercial and behavioural research, insight and analysis with boldness, beauty, technology and meticulous craftsmanship.


Where we are

Mäster Samuelsgatan 56
111 21 Stockholm